Pidemiology Assignment(optimizing health and wellbeing in Diabetes). SEE DETAILS IN ORDER DESCRIPTION AND FOLLOW DETAILS GIVEN PLEASE.

Optimising Health and Wellbeing in Diabetes

Epidemiology Worksheet

Epidemiology has been defined as;

a?The study of patterns of disease occurrence in human populations and the factors that influence these patternsa┬ŽIt describes, quantifies and postulates causal mechanisms for health phenomena in the populationa?.

(Moon G., Gould M., 2000, p1)

The purpose of this exercise is to;

Analyse the global, national and local epidemiological distribution of Diabetes and debate the wider social and economic impact of the disease.

You are required to access the epidemiological data found on the world-wide web and create a Microsoft Word document (2 pages maximum) containing details of relevant findings associated with Diabetes.

You should;

Define the terms Prevalence, Incidence, Morbidity & Mortality.

Present graphically or textually the contemporary global, national and local disease distribution relating to Diabetes.

Indicate determinants, which have led to recent changes in patterns and distribution.

Suggest potential implications for Health Care and society in general.


Moon G., Gould M., (2000) Epidemiology: An Introduction.
Buckingham; Open University Press.