Pistemology Philosophy. Pick 1 of the 3 articles listed in Order instructions

The article review(s) do not need to be more than 1 page, even though I am paying for 2 pages(because thats the minimum).

There are 3 short (no more than a page) article summaries you can help me with.
I am sending you this now to tell you what they are to see if you will be able to access them first. If you have access to these articles, I will make the other 2 orders right away, and if not I guess Ill figure out how to get them readings to you.
I read these three articles from our book, of course our book is not the only place to find these articles.
Our book is:
Epistemology: An Anthology (Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies) (Paperback)
by Ernest Sosa (Editor), Jaegwon Kim (Editor), Jeremy Fantl (Editor), Matthew McGrath (Editor)
And it is the Second Edition.

1st article is:
Epistemological Realismby Michael Williams
in our book that is from:
Part I: Skepticism: Chapter 6: Page 51

2nd article is:
Epistemic Operatorsby Fred Dretske
in our book that is:
Part IV: Epistemic Closure: Chapter 19: Page 237.

the 3rd article is:
“Knowledge and Skepticismby Robert Nozick
in our book thats off of:
Part IV: Epistemic Closure: Chapter 21: Page 255.

Please respond asap and tell me if you have access to these articles and if youll be able to finish a short (no more than a page) article review before 9:00 a.m(Central) tomorrow.

If you have access and can finish one of these, please tell me if you want to do the other 2 articles too, and I will make the orders and pay for those immediately.
Earlier you told me youd be able to finish 2 of these by 9:00 am(Central) tomorrow, I hope that is still the case. I tried to ask you through my old article order but never got a response back. Please respond to let me know whats going on as soon as you get this. I will be checking to see if you have sent me a message back every 20 minutes. I hope to hear back from you soon! Thanks! Youre the best. Also, dont worry about the 2 papers tonight. First things first, I need to get these done, tell me if you cant help me so I can start doing them myself. I already have a handful of them I am doing.