Pistemology, Question: Can it ever be a matter of luck that one knows something?

Please be as clear as possible

use the following sources:

*Edmund Gettier, i??Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?,i?? Analysis 23 (1966).

*Linda Zagzebski, i??The Inescapability of Gettier Problems,i?? Philosophical Quarterly 44:174 (1994).

plus any others

Added on 23.03.2015 18:55
Sorry i forgot to mention that the lecture was on What is Knowledgeso please include the three types of knowledge :

Propositional Knowledge
Acquaintance Knowledge

Added on 23.03.2015 19:28
I have uploaded the Lecture handout. just so as to follow it slightly. thanks

Added on 23.03.2015 20:01
please begin by explaining the three types of knowledge Propositional Knowledge, Acquaintance Knowledge and Know-How. Then after say that in epistemology we are concerned with Propositional knowledge and take it from there. thank you

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I apologise for the late instructions.
Can you please make a very traditional introduction and conclusion.
For example in the introduction say i??In this essay I am going to a, then b, after c, ect, ecti??
The conclusion should be a mirror reflection of the introduction, for example i??In this essay I have shown how c, b, a, ect, ecti??
Thank you