Please pick one of the potential topics on the order instructions).

(The course name is information security)
This project will be an originally written research paper. The minimum length is five double spaced pages using a font no larger than Times New Roman 12. At least 8 sources of research are required. Because of the constantly changing technology involved, some references are to be expected. However, at least THREE printed media sources (book, trade journal, white paper, reference manual, etc.) are required, and because of its nature, WIKIPEDIA on the Internet, it should not be quoted directly, however, the references cited at the bottom of the articles do provide a good source of material for the topic to support information and conclusions presented in the paper and must be cited using the MLA format.

Below are some ideas for a topic and some of the questions expected to be answered in the paper. If you have an idea that doesnt seem to fit exactly with the list below, discuss it youare your professor.

*****Potential Topics:
1. Specific legislation that has been developed or is being proposed to address privacy and/or information security
2. A specific type of historic method of cryptography (Enigma machine, Purple, etc.)
3. The importance of risk assessment to an organization
4. The specific threat agents involved in malicious activity
5. The role of disaster recovery and back-up in todayas information system
6. Explain how an information system is properly secured from attack
7. Explain Public Key Infrastructure how it works and why it is so important
8. The importance of cost benefit analysis and how it effects information security
9. Examine a current threat, how serious is it, how much damage is being done by the threat and what is being done to stop or mitigate the threat

Questions you might want to answer in your paper:
Who was involved and what role did they play?
What happened?
What went wrong?
What went right?
What was involved in developing it?
Why was it developed?
Where did it take place and was the location significant?
How might it have been avoided?

Term Paper will be graded using the following criteria:
I. General Format (5%) a? II. Table of Contents or Outline (5%)a? III. Length of Paper Number of Pages (5%)a? IV. Spelling / Typing Errors (10%) a? V. Grammar, Word Usage, Sentence Structure (5%)
VI. Proper use of citations (10%)a? VII. Number and Quality of References (10%) a? VIII. Content (40%) convincingly proves thesis or describes topic
IX. Conclusions (10%) arrived at based on facts presented in the paper

The following is a suggested format:
Title Page: The title should be less than ten words and reflect the factual content of the paper.
Your name and date must appear on the title page.
Table of Contents or Topic Outline: Include one or the other. These present a summary of the topics or sections that are found in the body of the paper.
Body of the paper: The body of the paper (less title page and Works Cited pages) must be a minimum of 5 pages in length.
Bibliography or Works Cited: A listing of all the references used in your paper. The listing should be alphabetized according to the authors last name.

Note: if you did not write it yourself, you must give credit to the author who did by using the proper quotations, footnotes and bibliographic entries. If you do not understand what this means please see me.

Warning: Methods can and are used to ensure that you have written the paper yourself and have not just downloaded it from the Internet. If you do not write the entire paper yourself you will at least receive zero credit for the assignment. (See university policy on plagiarism)