Please read and follow the instruction in the file that i upload ) The topic is in the file.

Class Subject: Womens Labor and the Economy ( Is this consider Gender& Sexual Studies or Economic? )

The sources must be data!! ;; 1st Data on Part One, 2nd Data on Part three.
Please attach a copy of all the data that you use to the end of the assignment and clearly indicate/highlight the numbers that you used (you may have to use more than one number if so indicate what you did). Also include your sources and construction notes at the bottom of you data table.

I will upload the syllabus of my class also. The reason is some part of the homework might need support from the material in the class or from the textbook.

Last, Please try your best to do it similar to the sample paper.. Because thats what my prof. wants…

(P.s. Cant do the same topic with the sample paper, which is Marriage, Statistic: Percent Never Married 1980 vs. Today African American Women vs. White Women)

Thank you! Let me know if you have any question.