Please see order instructions below for list of topics…)

This class is HISTORY 393: All About The French Revolution.

This is a paper assignment in which we have to write about one of the specified topics below of OUR CHOOSING. Detailed instructions given DIRECTLY by the Professor are below…

Points to Remember:

-Papers are expected to be between 5 and 7 pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 font, double-spaced) and have page
-All papers must contain in-text citations and a bibliography.
-If anyone is caught plagiarizing they will receive an automatic F on the paper and will
be reported to the Universitys ethics board.
-Papers will be graded based on their content (clarity of thesis, strength of argument);
-Grammar (punctuation, word choice, syntax); and structure (does the paper flow nicely from paragraph to paragraph, is
there a logical line of argument, does each paragraph have a clear topic sentence).

Possible Paper Topics:

1. Was the Reign of Terror inevitable? Did revolutionary rhetoric, ideals, and practices logically lead to the terror, or was the terror a radical break from the revolution of 1789?
possible sources:
-Mona Ozouf. a?FranA§ois Furet, the Terror, and 1789,a? French Historical Studies.
-Hugh Gough. The Terror in the French Revolution.
-Primary sources could include Rousseaus works, legislation passed, etc.
**Warning: If you do this topic I expect you to go way beyond what is discussed in class!
2.Discuss the paradoxical nature of Revolutionary visual culture. It publically displayed the female body to represent revolutionary virtues such as liberty, but at the same time upheld the gendered discourse which saw the sexes as opposites and ultimately relegated the sexes to separate spheres (public and private).
possible sources:
-Joan B. Landes. Visualizing the Nation.
-Sara Melzer and Leslie Rabine. Rebel Daughters: Women and the French Revolution.
-Jean-Jacques Rousseaus works might offer an interesting primary source as would several
documents produced during the revolution.
3. In what ways did the Revolutionaries use the practices and traditions of the Catholic Church to create a new French national identity, and why did they do so?
possible sources:
-David A. Bell. The Cult of the Nation in France.
4. In what ways was the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizensimilar/different from the American Bill of Rights(could also include the Dec. of Independence) and what accounts for these differences?
-should use both documents as primary sources and should use secondary sources as well.
**Do not attempt unless you have knowledge of the American documents!!
5. Robespierre still serves as one of the most controversial Revolutionary figures. He has been described as a cold-blooded murderer, a ruthless tyrant, a true patriot, The incorruptible,and as a man who upheld the virtues of the Revolution but was undone by threats and suspicion. Why do descriptions of him vary so much among historians and what conclusions can you draw ( was Robespierre the devil, the hero, or the scapegoat)?
possible source:
-Colin Hayden and William Doyle, eds. Robespierre. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
-Robespierres speeches are good primary sources.
6. How did the Revolution change family dynamics and gender roles? How did the optimism many women felt at the outset of the Revolution compare with the reality of how things changed or did not change for them? What did women gain/lose during the Revolution and how did things change during the Terror?
possible sources:
Sara Melzer and Leslie Rabine. Rebel Daughters: Women and the French Revolution.
-Susan Desan. The Family on Trail in Revolutionary France.
-Olympe de Gouges. Dec. of the Rights of Woman… would be a great primary doc. as would
Condorcets On Giving Women the Right to Citizenship.
7. Could what occurred in the VA©ndee be considered a genocide?
possible sources:
-Reynald Secher A French Genocide: the VA©ndee
-Timothy Tackett did write a response to Sechers book but I am not sure if it is available
in English. Enter a search on J-Stor.
-there are also several book reviews available which either support or criticize
Sechers argument.
primary source: Turreaus letters.
8. Discuss the importance of clothing during the French Revolution? Did the clothes really make the man?
possible sources:
Lynn Hunt. Politics, Culture, and Class in the French Revolution.
-Caroline Weber. Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution.

-Keep in mind that the sources I give are just to get you started. The French Rev. has been studied extensively so there is no shortage of sources.
-If you can, I encourage you to use primary documents to add to your argument!
-If you want to do another topic, that is fine but please approve the topic with me ASAP
-make sure you go over the paper checklist before you hand in the paper!!

Paper Checklist:

1. Is your paper the proper length (5-7 pages) using standard format (1 inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman, etc)?
2. Is your name on your paper and does the paper have page numbers?
3. Do you have a bibliography or Works Cited page(even if you use footnotes you need one)?
4. Do you have in-text citations, either parenthetical citations or footnotes? All quotations must be cited and any ideas that are not your own must be cited (paraphrasing, etc.)
5. Did you proofread your paper? If possible have someone else read your paper over to check for spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors.
6. Do you have a clear thesis statement that expresses the argument you are trying to make?
7. Do you sustain your argument throughout the paper? Is all of your information relevant to the topic?
8. Does your paper make sense chronologically? Does it have a logical flow to it? Do paragraphs have transition sentences connecting them and does each paragraph have a topic sentence?
9. Make sure your paper is not just a narrative explaining what happened. I am looking for some sort of ANALYSIS, not for a summary of events.

I will not accept any late papers so they must be in my hands during class time. The paper is worth 45% of your final grade! NO PLAGIARIZINGG!!!