Please see the uploaded materials) the topic is listed under the pdf: short essay

*** this essay is a report, with conditions provided and explained in the pdf. document namedshort essay.

your report is clear and that your opinions and arguments are backed up by reliable sources, your manager insists that your section of the report

should be set out in accordance with accepted academic requirements for formal written work. It should consist of:

a? an introduction;

a? coherent critical analysis and argument;

a? a clear and concise conclusion;

a? correct citation of sources; and

a? a reference list.

In your section of the report you must :

a? demonstrate that you have read the article by Broomhill and Sharp and at

least two other articles listed in the articleas reference list. These scholarly articles should support your critical analysis and argument;

a? summarise and paraphrase the central argument;

a? explain the methodology;

a? critically analyse in your own words the authorsa findings and conclusions; and

a? reference your essay according to academic conventions.

-everything needs to be referenced! please list out every sourced.

-all instructions are in the uploaded materials

-the short essay have required (the article by Broomhill

R. & Sharp R. 2005 a?The Changing Male Breadwinner Model in Australia: A New Gender Order?a Labour & Industry 16:1, 103-27)readings...these will also be uploaded.

Task description

Details of this assessment task will be provided in the first lecture.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria for this assessment are:

1. Identify the salient issues a Have the applicable issues been identified? Have the

relevant issues been distinguished from other facts? Have the issues been properly


2. Substance and depth Demonstrated understanding of issues and principles involved;

insight into key issues; demonstrated understanding of theories; demonstrated

understanding of relevant commercial and other implications; critical analysis and


3. Demonstrated evidence of wide reading and academic honesty Familiarity with

relevant academic developments and commentary; attention to commentary beyond the

familiar texts; ability to illuminate analysis with principles from other contextual material, etc.

4. Communication skills Thoughts and ideas clearly and succinctly expressed; adherence

to conventional standards of punctuation and spelling; themes and concepts treated

cohesively, etc.

5. Citation and Word Length Required citation technique used; all work fully sourced;

prescribed word limit observed.