Plied for specific job and application for others has frend for the job.

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You applied for a specific in you field my is construction management. The human Resourse Department arrages an inteview ans tell you to bring with you a polished piece of writhing for the evaluete for you writhing skill. the paragraph must describe one particular experince you ve that inspire you or guide you to choose the type of position for you applied. construction management)
Your audience is you potential employer and you pourpose is to show you have throuht carefully about what and/or who has motiveted you toward this carrer choice why. In addition,you want to convey your enthusiasm for this position as it related to you experience. take time think about you want to know and strive to reach a balance between informal and formal bussines writing.
You favorite cousin has moved to you town and his looking for a job. her previous experiece are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two deparment store. you know she plan to apply at simmilar stores in your towns. You know she had skill, though she dont think is capable as she is and you re sure shed be good for thisjob.
You goal is to persuade you cousin to apply for the job.YOu e-mail her a paragraph explain the specific of the job and the reason she should apply. You want to convince her that she has the job skills requiered. YOU use an informal tone, of course,but will take care to use correct business writing to show here tha you take you recomendation seriously. name cousin Elsa mancini.
paragraph 2 and draft you 8-12 setence paragraph