Pocalypse and Cyclical history in Yeats and Lawrence

I have done a lot of the research, it needs to be handed in on the 18th March. I am still not entirely sure about the title, but it is a fair description. It needs to be a 2:1 standard,
it has to be 8-10000 words
this is a basic structure of the dissertation though can be changed
How does the apocalypse relate to history
difference of cyclical and linear history
how these two approaches to history are influenced by religion
crisis as a key element in apocalyptic thinking
I have been told by my dissertation supervisor to use Frank Kermodes book Sense of an Ending i also want to use YEatss poems and his book a vision, and Lawrences book Apocalypse and possibly The Crown I would also like to use the book of Revelations and maybe other prophetic biblical texts like the book of Daniel. i have done an outline which i will upload