Pology letter for an assault happened two years ago .

I am writing an apology letter for the victim i hurt. please read the story under of what happened so that you can Understand what happened and edit it and make it better 🙂 I have copied alot of lines from online template. so i want you to change the wording alot and sentences and make it better please and overall make it the best apology letter that really brings out people to believe that i am very apologetic and remorseful and sorry because i am.. but i am not the best writer so i want to convey that the best in the letter., so that it does not look very similar to what you can find online and also for it to be a better letter in overall! thank you 🙂 br /
br /
On march 2nd march 3rd/2012 in the morning after a nightclub event. After club me and my friend went to tim hortons coffe shop. we spoke briefly to these girls because my buddy started talking to them. and i walked away because they seemed rude and not interested , but these girls were still laughing and mocking us and video tapping me even when i walked away and was by the ordering counter, I was very intoxicated sharing 3-4 bottles between 4 people and my impulse was not controlled and i realize they are still video tapping me even i walked away, so i have lost temper and grabbed the pot of coffe and threw it their direction for them to stop video tapping from their cellphone. I second degree burned one girl on her thigh because the coffe hit the back of the booth stall and dripped onto her thigh… i told her sorry after it happened because after she screamed i realize what a terrible thing i have done… i was so drunk that i only thought it would be like a throwing a drink to stop her from filming. I am very sorry for what i have done.So far from than i wanted to know what caused it , so i have done over 20 threaphy sessions with a psycologist , social worker. and i have been to positive change inner mindset class every week with social worker couple since august and i recently stopped because i finished the class about couple weeks ago, but i am going back on april 17th. I have also done over 500 hours of community service at salvation army, breakfast club, a place where they feed poor/homeless people. I have a final date for a guilty plea date where i will be sentenced on april 28th, 2014. I have done everything I can… and i am very sorry, and i want the apology letter to be perfect…br /
Thank you 🙂

Templates site that i used that looks very much alike mostly with my apology letter: