Position Paper)The Mortgage and Housing Market Crisis:How it Happened and What Needs to Happen to fix it


You will find below the instruction on how to write the position paper. The topic is stated above. Currently the housing market has taken a huge dive into a crisis with foreclosures, declining house values, mortgage fraud etc. I would like this paper to discuss how it happened through statistics and stories and what can be done to fix the problem. If possible graphs to illustrate stats or any type of visuals would be helpful if it isnt a hassle. Many sources should be available to write such a paper as it is a hot topic currently in our country. Thank You for your service!

Instructions for Position Paper Essay:


Your paper should present a professional discussion and solution to a current economic issue that captures your interest from the reading of our text or from following current events. Your paper should be between four-five pages; line spacing is up to you. You may use any source except your classmates; patching in pictures, visuals, and graphs is encouraged; no footnotes or bibliography necessary but do reference your sources in brackets after the quote. Papers will be graded half on content and half on presentation so watch grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Make your paper not only informative but attractive and exciting for me to read .Describe the issue and also present a solution.



You need to use an appropriate number of outside sources and reference them in brackets after the quote. Please describe the problem or issue that you are writing about, and then take a position, tell me how you feel about issue, and present a solution. To earn full credit for content you should have both depth and clarity of analysis.

Make your paper easy and exciting for me to read. Importing of graph, pictures, and other visuals is recommended. Choose a good format and dont forget topic headings like Introduction, Summary, Conclusion, etc. Choose appropriate line spacing so your paper doesnt look too dense, and remember to watch grammar, punctuation, and spelling. A bibliography and a title page are not required but may add to your paper. Be sure that the body of your paper (with visuals) does not exceed the five page limit.