Ppeal to employer in regards to location switch

I need help with writing a letter to my employer. Heres a little background.
I recently graduated from nursing school at Raritan Valley Community College, and have worked for my employer as a clinical assistant for the last 5 years. I was recently promoted to Registered Nurse and was placed to work at a location 40 miles from my home. During that time, a opening became available at my current location in Somerse, NJ, which I desperately want to remain working as it is close to my home and college where I am taking bachelors degree courses toward my RN-BSN.

The letter was requested by my nurse manager to present to the partners so they can take my request into consideration, Dr. Paul Bergh. I just need the letter to advocate for me…stating living and working nearby will also benefit the company as I am multi trained and can open and close the office during inclement weather, come in as early or late as needed and will remain a loyal happy employee if my request is granted. Most importantly, please mention my dedication to patient care, my love for IVF nursing, and how wonderful and positive it would be to continue and achieve all this with a shorter commute, and achieving my collegiate goals, which can only benefit RMA as well. Any questions, please contact me. I does not have to be 2 pages, if you can get it all in on one page. Please make it a passionate and pleading letters…doctors love that kind of sh*t. As least my high maintenance docs do!