Ppearance versus Essence in Monkey and Tartuffe(Compare and Contrast)


Monkey (Journey to The West)by Wu Cheng-en and Tartuffeby MoliA?re

DUE: Thursday, August 4, to be submitted through the Assignments page on Blackboard

LENGTH: 5-10 word-processed, double-spaced pages

TOPIC: Appearance versus Essence in Monkey and Tartuffe (Compare and Contrast)

PREPARING TO WRITE THE ESSAY: In both Monkey and Tartuffe appearances often differ markedly from reality; what seems to be happening seldom coincides with what really is going on. Characters disguise themselves or change their outward looks entirely in order to better achieve their aims, regardless whether these aims are noble or self-serving. Re-read both texts giving special attention to this phenomenon and try to define its significance by asking yourself questions like these:
1. What specific examples of such unreliability of appearances can you find in each text?
2. How does the truth re-surface in each work?
3. What is the vision of justice that emerges in each text?
4. How does the interplay between essence and appearance, reality and falsehood, truth and disguise affect our understanding of the works themselves and of the social contexts they reflect?

FORMAT FOR THESE PAPERS: The model to use is the persuasive essay in several paragraphs. Begin with an introduction that identifies texts and authors and sets the context for the reader. (To decide how much you need to say in order to establish the context, imagine that the reader of your essay is a fellow student who has done the reading but has not thought about it. Donat begin with overly broad generalizations and donat give lengthy plot summaries.) End your introduction with your thesis statement, an opinion that you will justify from a variety of perspectives, by drawing on specific textual examples that you will discuss in several paragraphs that constitute the body of the paper.

The questions above are merely suggestions: do not simply answer them in sequence. When you have finished a close analysis of your evidence, conclude not by repeating what you have already said, but by noting the importance of the point you have made. In other words, widen the focus of your attention as you conclude your essay, after narrowing the focus of your attention when you begin writing. Be sure to give your paper a title.

CAUTION: These essays do not necessarily require research and are structured to promote speculative, comparative thinking. ANY USE OF SOURCES, INCLUDING MATERIALS FOUND ON THE WEB, IN THE NORTON INTRODUCTIONS AND FOOTNOTES, OR CONTEXTS AND COMPARISONS MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED.