Pple and Google Go Head to Head Over Mobile Maps


You must provide me with a written review of one article. The article you select must focus on the development of a new product/service/company and the strategy related to same. In discussing the product/service/company, you should focus on the following areas: 1) the marketing concept and marketing myopia, 2) segmentation, targeting, positioning, 3) the product life-cycle, 4) environmental factors, and 5) overall evaluation of the strategy related to the product/service.

Do not spend a great deal of time/space summarizing the article (I will read it). Instead, you must convince me that the content of the article demonstrates a firm and/or industry and/or individual demonstrating, utilizing, and/or evidencing knowledge of the above mentioned topical areas.

You must furnish me with a copy of the article. Each article may be used only once, so as soon as you have chosen one…let me know…itas strictly first-come, first-served. Only articles published after June 1, 2012 may be used. (The purpose is, partially, to accustom you to a constant scanning of the business press.)

Article reviews must be typed. No hand-written reviews will be accepted. No late reviews will be accepted. Grammar and spelling will count. (I will deduct up to one letter grade for grammar and spelling.) Do not put your article reviews in a binder or notebook. Article reviews must simply be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. I expect approximately four typewritten pages. You may write in paragraph or outline form.