Pple Case study (Strategic brand Management assignment)

Read the Apple Case study and answer the following questions:

1- Discuss Apples history using no more than 150 words.
2- What, historically, have been Apples competitive advantages?
3- Analyze the personal computer industry. Are the dynamic favorable or problematic for Apple?
4- How sustainable is Apples competitive position in PCs?
(Hint. Consider the 4 points that are used when creating brand positioning)
5- How do you assess Apples competitive position in smartphones?
6- What are the prospects for Apples TV? And what actions do you suggest to increase the brand awareness and brand image of Apples TV?
(Hint. Use resources other than the provided case study)

Note: I will attach my lecture notes and please use Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced, and use normal margins

Referencing Requirements:
APA style only.