Pple Computer, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation

* Research papers are due April 18th (5 minutes until midnight). Late papers are not accepted, no exceptions.

* There is no word count for the paper. The length of the research paper needs to be 8 pages. If you include charts/graphs or pictures they do not count toward the page limit. Neither the coversheet nor the references count toward the page count. Eight pages of content is what is required.

* Despite the information posted in the write up, an abstract will not be required.

* Acceptable sources are any sources that may be found and verified from a reputable source. Wikipedia, while often handy, is not a reputable source. However, if properly cited you may follow the bibliography in Wikipedia to find a reputable source.

* You will need at least 5 different sources for your material. More is fine, but less is too small of a sampling.

* The Technology Paper Formatting Guideline mentions the paper should be single spaced, however the paper should be in APA format which is double-spaced. Double-space your paper.

* All research papers MUST be submitted in .doc or .docx format no exceptions. If you submit your paper and it is not in one of these formats, you will not get credit for the assignment.