Pple Inc. i??s Returns Management Practices

Assessment criteria:
i?? The text demonstrates a clear understanding and application of various areas of
operations management theory and practice.
i?? Appropriate software is correctly used to analyze and interpret various aspects of
the case and produce suitable documents and reports.
i?? The content of the work is relevant to the task set and addresses the key points
using thorough analysis; all arguments are supported with appropriate theory or
models and evidence together with valid discussion in order to reach logical
i?? The writing is coherent and articulate with logical structure and appropriate format,
good English, standard spelling and grammar and an academic style.
i?? All sources are accurately cited in the text and appropriately listed in the
bibliography, using the Harvard style.

You can simply answer the questions given in the assessment criteria that i will send you in the form of an essay. Please try to develop your answers in separate paragraphs to help me identify the questions you are referring to. Also, you need to use appropriate references and be as complete as possible in your answers please.