Pple Inc.: Market Analysis & Competition

I am developing a new product for Apple Inc. Much like the Microsoft Surface, the iDesk is a larger version of the iPad. The iPad is half the size of a regular size desk that fits two students. Each iDesk will be two computers combined together to form a desk. The iDesk syncs up with the Instructors computer, which makes learning more hands on. There are several design capabilities of the iDesk and is intended to be target towards Art & Design Faculties/School in British Columbia, Canada.

Target Market: The Art Faculties in BC
Audience: The Deans of the Art Faculties and the Deans of the respective post-secondary schools

What I will be requiring from you is:

The Market Analysis: Identify the size of the market in terms of dollar value, volume marketing potential, market growth, trends, and other related statistics

Competition: Identify major competitors in the identified market, their strengths and weakness, market shares of competitors, use components of the five force to analyze the industry competitiveness.

If other marketing concepts can be incorporated into these two sections, that would be great! I will attach a document with many sources about the size of the schools in BC, faculty and student wise. I also have a list of the links to the most recent financial reports that have been released by some schools. Please do not limit yourself to the schools that I have researched; there are many other art + design schools across BC.