Pples Entry into the Mobile Phone Market

Assignment Brief

Your output should take the form of a short informal report of about 3,000 words (10% -/+) excluding appendices and bibliography. Your work is expected to consolidate on relevant theory and indicate a good level of application abilities of relevant analytical techniques and interpretation of findings in the context of the given case study.

The attached case study (Yes Bank: Competitive Strategies of a Late Entrant) provides sufficient information for all of the given tasks below and, therefore, there is no need for further secondary research in order to complete this assignment.

Take great care to follow the wording below carefully to ensure that you have covered all the requirements sufficiently according to the given tasks.


What do you think were the main reasons for the success of Yes Bank, though it was a late entrant in an overcrowded market? Comment on the strategies adopted by the firm. Do you think the bank s concept of  knowledge banking has helped it in differentiating itself from other players in the sector?
Critically analyse whether the bank s focus on the most advanced technology and emphasis on competent human capital would lead to success of the bank. Do you think that the bank s strategy of concentrating on a niche segment of the market, unlike other private banks in the country, will succeed in the long run? Why or why not?
What are the future growth prospects and threats for Yes Bank? What strategies should Yes Bank adopt in the future to further its growth objectives?