Pplication: Analyzing Work Activities & Abilities

Components of Organizational Commitment
Commitment is an attitude that correlates strongly with job satisfaction. In addition, commitment, like satisfaction, relates to turnover and other employee outcomes. Because there are patterns of commitment, organizations can use these data to take steps to increase employee commitment, thereby increasing positive employee behaviors and decreasing negative employee behaviors.
For this Discussion, review this weeki??s media in the Learning Resources. Select two Walden Sports employees to use for this Discussion and consider how they differ in their commitment to the organization. Then consider positive and negative consequences of each employeei??s organizational commitment.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post the names of the two Walden Sports employees you selected and explain how they differ in their commitment to the organization. In your analysis, explain how they differ or are similar on all three components of organizational commitment. Finally, explain one potential positive consequence and one potential negative consequence of each employeei??s organizational commitment.
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