Pplication: Critiquing a Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed-Methods Study

Application: Critiquing a Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed-Methods Study

Over the last several weeks you have explored many qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research designs, assessing their appropriateness for specific research questions. In the review of literature you are submitting this week, you are surveying several research articles to find consistencies and contradictions across this literature. These are foundational skills needed to fulfill the larger objective of research utilization.

In this Application you will demonstrate a further degree of expertise by critiquing a research study in some depth. Due in Week 7, this intensive evaluation of a research article will require you to draw on concepts covered during the entire course.

In preparation for the Application Assignment, which is an APA paper that critiques a research study:

Choose either a qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods study that was published in a refereed journal within the last five years. This article may be one that you have already discussed in your review of literature.

Click on the appropriate link below to access a critique template, which will guide the development of your APA paper.

Qualitative Research Critique Template

Quantitative Research Critique Template

Mixed-Methods Research Critique Template

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WEEK 5 application

Using one of the templates provided as a guide for the development of the paper, critique a selected research study as follows:

Design your APA paper using each item on the critique template as a guide (1/2 point for the inclusion of each numbered item in the paper, except for the following, which are worth 1 point each: Research Design, Data Analysis, Implications, and Research Utilization in Your Practice)

Note: Up to 2 points may be deducted for grammar, spelling, and/or APA errors.