Pplication essay for fashion study at parsons school of design

Part Two: Academic Statement of Interests (500-750 word limit). Please describe the academic and intellectual interests, progress, and achievements that have contributed to your decision to apply for graduate study in this field. You should include a thoughtful description of your tentative plan of study or area of inquiry in the field as you now envision it, the kind of research questions you intend to pursue, your professional goals, and how this graduate program will help you realize those goals. In addition, include a self-assessment of your work as a scholar, pointing strengths and weaknesses. If you have not enrolled as a student in the past five years, please address anticipated opportunities and challenges in pursuing the degree, and future career expectations upon completion of the program.

please follow the instruction above to keep the word count limited to 750 ,here is something I have came up includes some personal acadamic experience includes my journalism and communication back ground and some my future acadiamia direction in the fashion field that connected to this experience but its very random and not consistent and lack of A?lan language. I needs some level of sophitication in this essay to show my understanding and skill in this particular field of study .

With a foundation in journalism laid with study of media production and dissemination, three years of professional media experience, and some international education, I feel I have the benefit of a unique vision style and the ability to learn and improve in the field. I sincerely submit my application for your project. I believe being part of this project is crucial in order to achieve my career ambitions and my personal goals. On the near horizon, I plan to participate in a cutting-edge, rigorous, fashion graduate research training including getting experience in the field of cross-cultural fashion media. Farther in the future, I hope to be a significant part, or even be an original founder, of an influential fashion media group.
My interest in professional fashion research is different from what is portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada and has little to do with Jean Marc Bustamante, Sylvie Fleury, or the Gary Hume exhibition on Champs-A0 lysA©es. Nor was it just caused by Catherine De Montalembertas Coco Chanel. In fact, I advocate the ancient Greek style of life relating to a young person whose spiritual emphasis is focused on purity and cleanliness of living lifestyle. The reason I am interested in fashion studies is a direct result of my life and study experiences derived from trainee reporter interviews at fashion events and travel experience in United States, France, Hong Kong and Beijing, China. Influences such as Georg Simmelas fashion philosophy and Joan Dejeanas book The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafes, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour have brought me to think deeper on the subject. These factors together have helped me realize the importance of the fashion industry. It is essential in changing the quality of human life, as well as the cultural heritage of humanity.
My first fashion-related internship experience happened in my second year of college. After an intense selection process, I was fortunate to become one of the Beijing Olympics news interns. During the experience, I noticed there was a lot of repetition in the material being reported. I also noticed another phenomenon during the Beijing Olympic Games. I was amazed at how quickly the sports starsa demeanor and dress, from Usain St. Leo Bolts vest to Kobe Bryants shoes, were imitated on the street. I set out to shoot some photos on the street and achieved good results.
The internship experience led me to understand, we are carrying out consumer choices everyday. What is the standard to let people feel that they have made the right choice? How do changes in modern technology, especially the media, affect the formation and diffusion of fashion? Considering this question, I started looking for answers in The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein B Veblen and Alexandra Stoddardas Living A Beautiful Life. Eventually, I formed my own thesis, Social media influence on fashion, which won the Outstanding Thesis Award of Wuhan University.
Facing the academic problems to be solved made me became a research-oriented student. And the achievement and enjoyment I found in this led me to continuing exploring. After graduation I stayed in Hubei province, which has a population of around 66 million, and joined the largest media group working as fashion reporter. My job was to shoot Street beat fashion photographs and report on fashion brand exhibitions. However, the question still existed, what is guiding the people to follow these a?fashionsa?? Is peoples awareness of beauty the objective existence of the beauty itself, or what the culture has created?
I sought answers from the MOOC, TED, Yale open courses. The Fashion and creativity seminar by Isaac Mizrahi gave me some inspiration, but it also sparked my deeper thinking. Fashion is not just for decoration and beautification of an individualas fashion items, not just to decorate the small environments where people live, but should include communities, neighborhoods and even cities. In essence, the evolution of fashion is a cultural and societal phenomenon. This type of thinking helps me understand that if I want to become a professional fashion reporter, I have to understand fashion culture, the driving force behind it and the internal laws and customs of the fashion industry. Especially important to consider nowadays with the ever changing technology led now with cloud computing, is how the spread of Fashion occurs and what kind of new characteristics and laws will be part of it.

Now, fashion identification is crucial for my study to understand how humans communicate through fashion. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have helped expose Chinese people with incredibly diverse cultures intertwined with creative and detailed imagery. As we see the results of these social media platforms come out from under the umbrella of Chinese traditional culture, there has been some inconsonance caused by mixing of culture and fashion.
My goal is to constantly, actively engage great artists to curate the beauty to influence how people perceive fashion and the fashion culture in China. Parsons, the New School For Design, has an excellent reputation in the industry, excellent teachers and the curriculum has an irresistible attraction for me. I believe I can fully explore my imagination and creativity in your project. Moreover, Iam sure being part of this project is crucial in order to achieve my career ambitions and my personal goals and I am equally convinced that Parsons would be proud to have me.