Pplication Exercise 2 (A-2) Due 7.17.13

Carefully read chapter 7 (Russ-Eft & Preskill, 2009). Afterwards, locate one practitioner magazine article or one scholarly article via the ISU Cunningham Memorial Library that discusses the application of a specific data collection method or methods during learner evaluations. The article you access should offer material explaining the method of data collection utilized to enhance the success of learner performance. Please do not repeat what has already been listed within the textbook. Describe the context, rationale, and methods of data collection used in the intervention or initiative in 3 -5 paragraphs within a word document. Submit the document at this location in Blackboard. Do not mail it to this professor. I do not accept assignments in my email account. Your name, the course name and number, and the assignment number and submission date should be shown in the upper left-hand corner of the word document. A single page with the source of your article cited at the bottom of the page in a Reference list is sufficient. Please see the APA tab in the course menu for assistance on citing your source or sources!

NOTE: A scholarly source is a peer-reviewed source with embedded citations (author names, dates, and page numbers) within the text material. A scholarly article also has the same sources listed in a reference list beginning with the last name first, followed by the initials of the author or authors!

NOTE: Reputable practitioner magazines are noted as follows: T+D, HR Magazine, Human Resource Management, Human Resources Magazine, HR Focus, HR Magazine, HR Monthly. These magazines may have a few sources shown in the source but are not considered peer-reviewed scholarly journal sources.