Pplication for admission; middle school

I need to write a 250 word response to What makes you the interesting person you are(Be sure to include the qualities you like best about yourself.)
My qualites are: Hard worker, humble, integrity, Make friends easily, I want to pursue a career in medicine; I want to be a medical doctor.I want to help other people. I am a dancer (ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern). I won three awards 1. do the right thing. (I helped feed a quadraplegic fellow student every day at luch hour for one year). 2. My teachers selected me as student of the month because I help others with their homework. 3. I won the team spirit award because I encourage others to perform at their best. I have performed in several plays over the past 4 years.
I am a all around good student; Making the honor roll several semesters in a row. I volunteer at the humane society and food panty. I belong to my schools volunteer committee. I was elected to student council by my friends. My teachers elected me to safety patrol for two years. My teachers elected me to help out the younger students during after school hours.