Pplication of different moral philosophies to an analysis of individual decision making

Paper #2

Application of different moral philosophies to an analysis of individual decision-making.

Read Chapter 6.

Read the a?ethical dilemmaa? on pp. 29-30, FFF, about a?Carlaa? and a?Jack.a?

A) Identify the ethical issue (or issues) that are present in this case. Identify the full range of possible stakeholders that are present in this case.

B) Prepare two different analyses of this situation, one from the perspective of Carla, and the other from the perspective of Jack.

For each analysis:

1) choose a moral philosophy (discussed in chapter 6, FFF) that likely explains the behavior of that person, and

2) explain the application of that moral philosophy to the facts of the case. (That is, how might first Carla, and then Jack, use the moral philosophy that you have chosen to solve their ethical issue.)


1) Do not choose the same moral philosophy to explain the behavior of both Carla and Jack.

2) Do not answer the questions on p. 30 of FFF.


Estimated length a between five and six pages

Font -double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman, with margins no wider than one inch and have no headers or footers except for page numbers

Use a cover page and a bibliography. (These are not counted in the page length requirement.)

Use APA format (6th ed.) for the citations and bibliography.

Do not include pictures, graphs, or lists in the body of the paper. (If these are needed to support facts, place them at the end of the paper in an appendix, and then reference them in the body of the paper. They will not count toward paper length.)

Begin the file name of your paper with your last name. For example a a?JonesBMGT496Paper2.docxa?


End of week 5: Midnight Sunday, Maryland time