Pplication of nursing theory to clinical practice

I have written most of the paper with patient information and some key information about the model but the paper needs to be REDONE. its not flowing, not written properly and missing information and key concepts. Please follow the guidelines and add any extra necessary information regarding the model, health promotion, primary health carea pplied within the context of the nursing theory/practice model. and any other information required to rewrite the paper. Information regarding the patient can be used from the paper given.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to gain experience with the application of (THE MCGILL MODEL) to your nursing practice. Take this opportunity to try out your theory/practice model!

Assignment 2 Guidelines

Provide a brief overview of the nursing theory/practice model and the patient for whom you provided care (use only patient initials or a fictitious name to maintain patient confidentiality).
Include the theorist and explain briefly the main components of the theory.
Include patient diagnoses and primary nursing care needs.
Using the patient and family for whom you have provided care, give an example of how you applied your chosen nursing theory/practice model to address each of the following:
How you completed the nursing processes of assessment, diagnoses, planning, implementation, and evaluation based on the nursing theory/practice model.
How health promotion and primary health care principles were applied within the context of the nursing theory/practice model.
Explain what you like about using the nursing theory/practice model and any difficulties you found in the application of the theory/practice model in the delivery of nursing care.

Marking Criteria
All of the required content elements are clearly addressed in the paper
Paper is delivered with a clear voice and correct, precise pronunciation of terms
MAXIMUM 7 pages not including tite page and references. All sources must be cited and referenced using apa 6th edition.

No grammer or spelling errors. Paper must flow