Pplication of Quality Management System (QMS) to improve quality and efficiency in Hong Kong Construction Industry



Review and examine the importance of quality management system and apply the concept in Hong Kong Construction Industry. Discuss the critical factors of the quality standards and determine how to satisfy them into the construction projects. Discuss how quality management system can help to improve quality of the operational control in the New Works, Maintenance and A&A Works.


Research includes the literature review and critical analysis.

To arrange questionnaire surveys for data collection.

Conduct meetings with related parties on data collection, such as developers, consultants and contractors.

Selection of real projects and carry out case study.

Carry out critical data analysis; conclusions and recommendations.


(In at least 500 words, please give details of the proposed dissertation)

Stage 1 Literature Review

Carry out a study of the related books, articles, and newspapers regarding the consequences of quality standards in construction industry. Also, the highlight actual cases of quality building & production management for knowledge and improvement of the existing systems, and arrange to set up effective measures to control the quality procedures.

* Research quality framework
* Carry out internal quality audit
* Recommended corrective actions
* Review ISO 9000 standards for the operational control (Production) and method statement

Stage 2 Questionnaire Surveys and Interview

1. Questionnaire Surveys

* To design the questionnaire sample and carry out questionnaire surveys on site

* Arrange to analysis the data from questionnaires
* Compare the different type of the literature standards

2. The Conducting of Interviews with Related Parties

The identification of questionnaire surveys and the conducting of interviews as below:

* Discuss the benefits of the quality management system in construction industry
* Motivation of the ISO 9000 quality awareness training to the construction projects and examine the internal quality audits to be conducted by qualified staff

Stage 3 Case Study

Particular case studies will be teaching operations of the ISO 9000 standards and ISO 9000 requirements, and knowledge how to perform of the quality policy. For example, the process control for the daily records of work done and material on site will be recorded in the daily report by the foreman.

Stage 4 Discussion and Conclusions

It depends on related investigation of the literature review, questionnaire surveys and interview, and case study, and outcome the following results:

* If necessary continue on a separate sheet