Pplication of Sociological Theories/ Functional Analysis Theory”

You will prepare a 3 to 4 page paper applying the Functional Analysis Theoryto the topic of bipolar disorder and medication and recovery. Answer the questions:
1. How would a Functionalist Sociologist explain the issue/problem of bipolar disorder and medication and recovery?
2. How does the issue/topic of bipolar disorder and medication and recovery affect society?
3. Which of the sociological lenses best appliesmicro or macro level, and why?
4. What are the implications for society, if bipolar disorder remains ignored and/or pushed aside for more relevant societal problems?
5. Share your personal feelings in this paper!

Paper will include a cover page. A references page is not necessary, so please do not cite.

The Functional Analysis Theory is: Disengagement, continuity, activity theory (early versus forced retirement and staying connected).