Pplication of the Nursing Process to Delivery Culturally Competent Care

Part 1 of your paper will provide background information and an analysis of the culture using a cultural assessment model (Leiningers or Purnell Model)
Here are the guidelines for Part 1:
Title: Application of the Nursing Process to Delivery Culturally Competent Care

o Background information on the Selected Population: (35 percent of grade as detailed below)
Identify physiological, environmental, psychosocial factors that influence communication within members of the group and with persons outside the group. (10 points)
Explain the influence of their beliefs on their health practices and your role as a cultural broker. (10 points)
Identify 3-4 barrier factors that influence the provision of culturally competent care. (10 points)
Identify at least one ethical dilemma that may occur in the delivery of health care. (5 points)

o Analysis of the Culture using a Culturally Competent Model (Leiningers Model or Purnell Model)
(55 percent of grade as detailed below)
Select one cultural assessment model to evaluate your selected population (Hispanic population). Explain the model. You must use the original author to explain the model. (10 points)
Apply this model to your cultural group (Hispanic population). (10 points)
Using this model, develop a plan of care as it relates to the culturally diverse needs of the cultural group. (15 points)
Inclusion of health care needs. Include illnesses of concern for this group as well as health access needs. (10 points)
Use of an interdisciplinary approach including community resources, governmental organizations, non-for profit organizations, outreach centers, religious organizations, and hospital provided community activities and professional associations like nursing and health care associations. (5 points)
Identification of other Health Care Professionals that should be used in your plan (interdisciplinary). (5 points)

Format (10 percent of grade):
APA Style including grammar, spelling and syntax. Include Title page, Abstract, Running Head, Citations and References. Introduction and Conclusion a must. Include purpose or focus of paper in Abstract, Introduction and Conclusion. Conclusion should summarize important points.
References: Minimum of 5. Article Citations from journals must be within the last 5 years unless it is considered a sentinel work.
Citations may include interviews, web sites, and books.
Organization of paper followed rubric outline (see above). Must use headings and subheadings to organize your paper.