Pplication of the theoretical perspectives to daily life

a? Purpose: This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and practice application of the three main perspectives used by sociologists to study society and human behavior.
Topic: We have now spent a significant amount of time in the class exploring the three primary sociological perspectives ( structural-functionalists, conflict, and symbolic interactionist). Your text identifies that the perspective that you have influences what you are interested in and what you pay attention to, influences the questions that you ask, and your view of the world. For this paper I am asking you to practice using the different perspectives by applying them to a recent ( within the last six months) printed news item that you have read. Appropriate sources are newspapers, either on line or print versions, news magazines, such as Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, etc. You may not use editorial or Opinionpieces; one of the objectives is for you to form your own ideas about what is being discussed, and these are typically presenting the opinion of the author vs. reporting information. Please use the following steps once you have identified a news story that you would like to use.
a. Briefly describe the content of the article that you are using for your analysis/application. You must also attach a copy of the article with your paper submission (no links, please) to the drop box.
b. Imagine that you are a sociologist specializing in each of the perspectives identified above. We know that your perspective influences the way that you interpret and explain things. Given this, how would what you have chosen to report on be explained from the structural-functional, conflict, and symbolic interactionist perspective? Be sure to incorporate the main ideas and key terms of each perspective. These were first introduced in chapter 1, so I would encourage you to go back and review them. Make sure that your paper includes all of these and that you demonstrate how the main ideas and key terms of each perspective may be applied to the content of your article.
c. Your text indicates that your perspective also influences your research. Given what you have read about this issue, what kind of research questions might a structural functionalist, conflict theorist, and symbolic interactionist be asking about what youve read or observed? What other things would they like to know about the content of your article? For each perspective (using your article as a resource) I want you to develop three research questions. Your research questions should relate both to the content of your article and the perspective that youre reporting on.
Use your text and the notes that you took on your readings to help you complete your paper.
Audience: For your audience, you should assume that youre writing for an adult of average intelligence who is just beginning to learn about sociology.
Evaluative Criteria: Your paper should be at least three pages long, but should not exceed seven typed, double spaced pages. A successful paper will follow the instructions of the assignment. First, you should make sure that you answer all of the questions. Your paper should demonstrate an understanding of the sociological perspectives through the accurate application of each perspectives main ideas to the article or situation youre writing about, and also incorporate the key terms in your descriptions. You should also include specific examples from the article to support your writing. Your research questions should reflect both what you read and the perspective. Sentences will be clear, complete and cohesive. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation will be correct.
Instructions: Cick on Add a fileand attach both files. If you need to add a second file, ( for your article) youll need to click on Add a file a second time before you click on Uploadand Submit”.