Pplication of Theory/Personal Reflection Regarding a Management Lesson

(Page 1-2)After working through the theoretical foundations Powerpoint (attached), select only one of the theories and discuss its usefulness in the context of managing organizations. Use online peer-reviewed journal research (case study research is best) to inform your writing, and to advance the theoretical discussion beyond what you encountered in the PowerPoint. You may select a theory

Your initial post should contain 3 scholarly citations and 3 references minimum

(Page 3-4)

Using the Powerpoint presentation of Peter Druckeri??s 25 Management Lessons (Attached), select and discuss one that you have experienced using with positive results. Why do you think that lesson is important to the art of management? Next, select and discuss a second of Druckeri??s lessons that reminds you of improvements you need to make in your own management skill. What could you do differently in order to more proficiently carry out the intention of that lesson? This forum is reflective. (No citations/references required. First person is acceptable.)