Pplication of wireless technology in the educational system

The attached word document is a Literature Review I orderd today. I got more instuctions from the instoctur after the order has completed. Now I need to get a 6 pages Literature Review.

Also, I attached the articals for Literature Review.

Here are the new insructions for the assignment:

Guidelines for your Literature Review

Audience  A person in an organization (your supervisor, for example)


Title Page  Type topic-related title, not  Literature Review, near top of page; under the title a few lines down, type  Prepared for and insert the name of your target audience and organization; under that, type  Prepared by and insert your name; under that, type the date.

Introduction  Give some background information on the problem or situation that prompted you to research this topic, introduce the purpose of your literature review, and indicate the scope of the report by presenting key topics you ve identified in the literature. Approximately ? page.

Body  Use relevant headings; discuss each topic one at a time in the body and discuss how the authors of the articles respond to that topic. Relate the sources to one another and to the key points. Approximately 2-3 pages.

Conclusion  Summarize what the literature says about your topic. Remind readers why this information is relevant and important. Approximately ? page.

References  Include all the sources you cite in your paper on a References page using APA style (or the style you ve had approved). You must have a minimum of 6 credible sources. Youre welcome to use more than 6 sources, of course.
Length  4-6 pages, single-spaced, documented in APA style (or the style you ve had approved), with section headings. Title page and References page are not included in the 6 pages.

Pplication of wireless technology in the educational system

We have 6 articals that need to do a Literature Review. I will post the articals in attached files.

Here are some instructions we need to follow:

DO focus on what the literature says, not what you think about what the literature says.

DO remain objective and unbiased.

DO illustrate how the sources agree, disagree, and/or overlap on the topic you ve chosen to write about.

DO use transitional words and phrases to show the connection between sources.

DO synthesize the information.

DON T structure your Literature Review like a long list of annotated bibliographies.

DON T write the Literature Review like a persuasive or argumentative paper.

DON T comment on what you think about the literature or evaluate the ideas.