Pplication: Topic: Applying Theory to Specific Settings and Populations

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The assignment: (2, pages) 3, sources or more

This application assignment most be done before completing assignment called application of theory shared.
Application: Topic: Applying Theory to Specific Settings and Populations
Understanding theories, ways to explain/represent a complex phenomenon a is necessary if you want to be of use to your clients who have vocational/career issues. Knowing the settings that particular theories best fit, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to apply them will make you a more effective counselor. As your text states, a?Not all of these theories will be equally applicable across the needs and stages of various career clients, and not all will be equally applicable to all populationsa? (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2006, p. 62).
In this Application, you will examine the various theories and select some that you believe might (would) be most appropriate to the clients with whom you (will) work.
Note: Please complete the Application this week before the Discussion. On Application of Theory Shared.
To prepare for this assignment:
a?Think about how each of the theories or perspectives relates to vocational/career counseling.
a?Think about how these theories relate to your specialty area (clinical, educational, business, or other setting) and to the client population you (will) serve.
a?Select at least two theories that you think will or would be most broadly appropriate and efficacious for your setting and client population.
The assignment: (2, pages) 3, sources or more
i?? a?Briefly describe your work setting and client population.*
i?? a?Briefly summarize the two theories you have selected.
i?? a?Compare them: Describe the similarities they share and their major differences.
i?? a?Explain the strengths of these two theories as they relate to your setting and client population.
i?? a?Describe the weaknesses you would have to address and, briefly, how you would address them.
i?? a?Finally, briefly explain how you would apply these theories in your practice.
i?? *Note: If you do not currently work in a counseling setting, select a setting and client population that you will or hope to work with, or one that you will use for this assignment.

Support your Application assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.