Pplications of nuclear power can be done in saudi arabia

This is my term report for my English class. my British professor will evaluated and check it for plagiarism in a Special web site. I need you to use six normal sources and make one source an imaginary interview with Dr. Anas Alnajjar professor of chemical engineering in KSU ( imaginary name) . this report must be connected loosely to chemical engineering. no need to use a high engineering language just write something that Non-specialist (my professor) can understand. Do not use book sources , all sources must be available in the web and I can access them easily. I need you to tell me as soon as possible what are the sources that you will use. so i can print them and show them to my professor. I sent you a sample report (from pages 8 to 26 without the notes in between for sure) you should follow its way ( in citation and every thing) . I need you to put 3 figures and 2 tables or the opposite. Use quotations ( 4 times, 3 short and 1 long) . you may talk about Safe applications like: Generation of electricity or what ever you like but talk about it in the way of (problems and solutions) . you may mention Nuclear local and global organizations in the report. finally, try to use the word [ structure] because it is the them of all reports for this semester.