Pplied Biological Principles in Mental Health

Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the biological science principles and concepts that underpin mental health pathology, using the scenario below.

Scenario:A 33year old former model and mother of three children is admitted to the acute assessment/ admission unit.She has a history of unipolar depression. On this occasion she is in a state of total despair and she has expressed a desire to die. She has also neglected her children and home as she sees no future for them or herself. Her husband left her four years ago and her children are currently being cared for by her mother.

Identify and describe/discuss the biological componets of this ladys problems:
1-The anatomy of the brain areas involved,
2-The biological basis of depression,
3-Suggest what medication she may be prescribed and discuss the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of these drugs.

Marking Record:

-Describe the normal structure, function and biological relevance of the chosen areas of the brain.
-Specify and explain the pathophysiological process of depression.
-Critically discuss the clinical relevance of biological theory in facilitating the nurse to provide safe, effective care and promote positive health care outcomes in practice, including the pharmacology of the drug group that may be prescribed.
Biological Basis of Nursing: Mental Health. Author . W.T. Blows.