Pplying the Diagnostic Model to World Fuel Services Corp (INT) and AS-IS Process

The Course is Managing Organizational Behavior

I need to apply the Diagnostic Model to World Fuel Services Corp. (INT) and also write one paragragh about the AS-IS process of Job break down Tasks (i will attach job functions).

*I have already completed some sections of the Diagnostic Model So I will only need to apply it to the External Scan: Technology (they are using a system called Triple point to do Trades), Political Factors (that effect their fuel costs like all the issues in the middle east), and Laws and Regulations that would affect World Fuel Services. I will attach as much as i can.

In summary, I will only need the following parts of the External Scan:
Political Factors
Laws and Regulations

Then, the AS IS Process which will be one part about the job break down and tasks.
Section IV a A process (AS-IS) that currently exists in the organization. One of the biggest problems that students run into here is that they try to solve the organizationas problems in one semester. In this section, you, as a group, are to take one process that is narrow enough to be descriptive, yet broad enough to allow you to understand the jobs and how employees undertake those jobs (behave). Describe how the positions are required to contribute to the work effort (process) and how individuals react to their assignments/responsibilities. Be careful that you donat select a process that is too broad a this will make the assignment confusing and frustrating