Pplying the Principles of Instructional Design

The purpose of this paper is for the culmination of learning achieved in this course by applying the principles of instructional design to the following scenario: Develop a storyline based on a negative e-learning experience. Keep in mind who the main characters are, the setting, the problem and the resolution. In addition to the storyline address the following questions: As an instructional designer, how would you utilize this storyline? The paper must 8 pages and must cite at least 2 references, in addition to course text. Required course text:
Allen, Michael. (2007). Designing successful e-learning. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer & Co.

Main characters, setting, problem and resolution must be easily identifiable. An explanation on how the storyline could be utilized in instructional design must be provided. At least 2 references, in addition to the course text, are properly cited in the reference page and corresponding in-text citations.