Pplying theories to the novel The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down”

Write a 5 page paper using APA style. Be sure to reference all material. Be sure you save it in Microsoft Word. Social Work Masters level paper.

Using Fadimans book as your case, apply one micro theory and one mezzo or macro theory to one aspect of the book. For each theory, pick two main concepts that explain human behavior and apply them to the case. Be sure to cite the sections from Fadiman you are referencing. Critique each theorys usefulness using the criteria addressed in this area. Finally, take a position on which theory was most useful for understanding the case.

Theory options:
Micro Theories
Behaviorism and Cognitive Theory
Psychodynamic Theory
Psychosocial Theory
Transpersonal theory

Mezzo and macro theories
Conflict Theory
Social Constructionism
Systems Theory