Pplying Theory from People Work and Organizations to Practice

This individual assignment requires you to consider the challenges in applying the theory and principles to organizations.

essay of 2,000 words:

a?An understanding of the key theories and principles relating to recruitment and selection,

personality and motivation are essential for the effective management of an organisationas human resourcesa?.

Discuss the arguments for and against this statement and explain your own position, with reference to relevant literature and organizational examples.

The objective of this assignment is to explore some key areas of the module and consider these in the context of real organizations. The purpose of the assignment is to consider the application of theory to practice. An assignment that makes little or no reference to any organizational situation or appropriate theoretical and conceptual issues will not fulfil the above brief and is likely to receive a fail.

A simple description of the situation in an organization and relevant theory might get a bare pass,

however to get a better mark you need to use theory to explain what is happening in organizations a not just what happened, but why things happened in a particular way and why they led to particular outcomes.

A really good assignment will evaluate the utility of theory a how good is it at explaining practice, how far is it of assistance in understanding organizational issues and problems and suggesting recommendations for future practice?

Please word-process the assignment using 1.5-line spacing and include a cover sheet.