Pplying Theory to a Practice Problem: Part 3: Application of Borrowed Theory to Problem and Conclusion

(Problem) Competency in Nursing
(Borrowed Theory) Betty Neuman
-Apply a borrowed theory to the problem described in the introduction. (competency in nursing)
-Describe the theory, starting with a short bio of the theorist along with the major influences that the theorist has contributed.
-Describe the concepts and propositions of the theory. Provide an example from the literature as to how the theory has been applied.
-Apply the theory to practice problem ((competency in nursing), demonstrating the links to the elements of the problem and theory. In addition, make sure to describe how practice would change by incorporating the theory.
-Write a conclusion. The conclusion should summarize key points of the paper.Identify the usefulness of applying theory to practice, including both nursing and borrowed theory, and identify problems with the application of the two theories. (first theory was Florence Nightingale Modern Nursing Theory).