Ppraisal of an Article on How much do medical students know about infection controlby C.M. Mann and A. Wood

To appraise an Article.
Guildlines to be considered when appraising are as follows:

* Description and appraisal of the research approach and methods used in the study (including sampling & methods of data collection) & consideration of any ethical issues
* A discussion of main findings and consideration of the application of evidence to professional pratice and reasons for any limitations

* Conclusion

NB: The article which needs to be appraised is How much do medical students know about infection control? Journal of Hospital Infection, Volume 64, issue 4 pg 366-370, by C.M.Mann and A. Wood. Full Detail of this article can be found at SienceDirect.com (its a website 4 articles/Journals)
I have also attached a copy of the article aswell
Harvard referencing plz