Ppraise the implications of a tutor-specified set of instructions produced by the design team, that represent modifications to the original contract.

The project has proceeded to the mobilisation stage and the Client has decided that he would like the Roof changed from Traditional timber cut roof with traditional roof coverings and battalion insulation between rafters to a steel trussed roof with an insulated lightweight aluminium roofing system.

Describe in your own words what processes are necessary to implement this change for the following team members:

-The Architect
-The Structural Engineer
-The Contractor
-The Quantity Surveyor

Evaluate what the implications of the above change in design are regarding the progress of the project in relation to:

-The timescale of the project for the Contractor (programme of works)
-The financial implications for both the Client and the Contractor
-The contractual implications if the project exceeds the date of completion.