PROJECT 1-SOC 428) Family Structure and Delinquency (Families, Delinquency and Crime): Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography

This is a request for an Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement on Family Structure and Delinquency”. It will support my final paper that I will provide a request for later. My Text is Families, Delinquency and Crime, Simons Simons and Wallace, ISBN 1-931719-30-6, COURSE SOC 428, Excelsior College.

Here are my requirements. Please read the instructions thoroughly.

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Assignment Information
Project 1: Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography
1. Instructions
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a? Describe the various theories that link family interactions and deviant behaviors. (Course Outcome)
a? Upon completion of the program, the students will acknowledge the importance of social responsibility and civic engagement and the behaviors that support these beliefs. (General Education Goal #6)
Project 1 requires you to submit your thesis statement and an annotated bibliography for your final paper. Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement should be an introduction to the topic that you will cover in your final paper. This can be any topic that deals with families, delinquency and crime that you find interesting. It should be approximately 250 words and answer the following questions:

a? What topic are you going to discuss?
a? Why is your topic important?
a? Why do you think that the topic (problem/concept) that you have identified currently exists in society?
a? What do you think we can do to solve the problem or improve outcomes?
Your thesis statement should be informed by the literature that you review for your annotated bibliography. It should be in a cohesive essay format and not submitted as question/answers.

Annotated Bibliography: Your annotated bibliography requires you to search in the Excelsior Library databases to find a minimum of six research articles that you will use for your final paper. You are free to use any library database that you would like, but the ones you may find most useful are: Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, and SocINDEX with Full Text. Once you have identified your articles, you will need to create an entry in your bibliography for each article. Each entry should begin with the full, correctly formatted (APA style) reference. Following each reference, you should provide a one paragraph summary of the article that includes the following:

What was the main research question or hypothesis for the article?

a? What did the sample look like? (Who was sampled, and how many?)
a? When was the data collected?
a? How did the researchers collect their data? (telephone surveys, interviews, etc.)
a? What were the main findings of the research?

Do not simply copy and paste the article abstract into your bibliography. Create your one summary paragraph. There is no word limit, but each summary should be around 150 words.