Prompts relating to gender and sexual relations

INSTRUCTIONS: Each response should be 2 pages. Must answer 4 responses. Total of 8 pages. Must reference something from the article that is mentioned in the given prompt. (Please locate articles, which can be found online)

Response 1

Summarize main points related to the concept of doing genderfrom the reading by Don Zimmerman and Candace West. ( West & ZimmermanDoing Gender) Please use quotes and paraphrases but do not forget to CITE all text references. You may use personal examples for this piece.

Response 2

Explain significance of Master and Johnsons research on The Human Sexual Response Cycle. Include a discussion of various critisms of The HUman Sexual Response Cycle

Response 3

Describe the purpose of Kinsays sexuality research, his methodology, statistical sampling methods, results, and conclusions in the sexual behavior of the Human Male. Remember to define Kinsays theoritical contributions, such as the Kinsey Scale.

Response 4

Keeping in mind, Michael Kimmels Chapter five on the social constructions of gender relations. From a sociological, social construction standpoint, why is sex role theory inadequate ? Please explain and provide examples for all five problems