Property Control Application) Mobile Application Using Cloud Computing

Please follow the attachment which explain the instructions of the research proposal requirements
There are two files:
1about the project brief
2about the proposal template
some hits about the project proposal as follow:
The research will be based on the UK in Coventry city for estate agencies which is managing the property (rent/sale).
There will be some interviews and survey about the current application that the estate agencies used with their customer. The will through using Google forms

The reference should about the benefit of cloud computing, why its better that using the old or traditional systems such local server and .. etc.

Finally, please be on time is the most important thing, So, the first paper should on time regard to the order time line

Please, if have any questions ask me directly


Added on 12.06.2015 21:09
Some Correction is not new instructions regard to misleading of the writer work

So far is good but some points are misleading

-The research involved Software Development for the Estate Agency application and Database, so when you said in the methodology in Quantitative methods non-experimental design it is actually wrong, because there will investigation with number of Estate Agencies about their current system and database in order to offer them alternative and new system, which is mobile App or Web App and data base on cloud, such google, amazon , microsoft … etc.

-The use of the application will be shared between only the estate agencies with their branches, for example, whitegates agency and their branches and their employees only are the allowed access the database through web or mobile app (Not other estate agency or population can see or access their data)
Word population in mislead the project in force to develop new application and new idea for the estate agencies database only is not focus on the population
the data base is about three table
2Landlord ( the house/Flat owner)

Also, other tables such the payments and accounts.

I was thinking you know from the Project Brief, also, from the last messege I sent about Web App or Mobile App, because after the questionnaires result, I will have knowlege to what should be devolop (web app or mobile app).

Please you have to change and re-write the research proposal regard to the explanation above and you need to remove word population.

Any question please ask.