Psteinas article a?The Culture of Celebritya?

Answer the following questions in terms of Epsteinas article a?The Culture of Celebrity.a? Also answer the questions in terms of your personal ideas or definitions.

1. What is the definition of celebrity? Of culture?
2. What is the difference between fame and celebrity?
3. What are the a?institutionsa? of celebrity?
4. In what way has celebrity changed due to contemporary society?
5. What is the similarity of calling celebrities a?face cardsa? and a?bold faces?a? What do you think these terms indicate about the nature of celebrity?
6. What are the values of celebrity culture?
7. How are celebrities a?made?a?
8. What do the terms created to categorize celebrities (star, superstar, and icon) seem to suggest about the nature of celebrity?
9. What is the definition of a?schadenfreudea? and how does it apply to celebrities?
10. How do you feel that reality television relates to Epsteinas notion of celebrity?
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