Q 10: Safety Program Development & Management

Discussion Participation: Write a minimum of 150 words to make a sufficient response. You need not answer all of the discussion starter questions because the depth and quality of your work is more important than the quantity of words used.

Create and original response or make a significant extending or challenging reply to another students post(s) addressing the issues of at least two of the following questions. The purpose of a?discussionsa? is to learn through dialoguing with one another. So lets make these like a conversation. You will need to cite sources when using ideas, concepts, and explanations from literature and media. Proper citations must comply with APA Style, 6th ed.

What are the essential aspects of a good health and safety program for an emergency organization?
Describe the process of developing goals and objectives.
How is a cost-benefit analysis performed and what role do ethics and morals play?
What is the process of developing standard operating procedures?
What is the difference between top-down and bottom-up approaches to policy formation and implementation?