Q Industrial Services (EQIS) Plant Explosion

The paper will focus on an actual accident involving a hazardous chemical plant, or explosion in a manufacturing plant. The research paper will require students to submit 10-12 double-spaced, typed pages complete with title page and reference page. APA format will be used. It is important that you use good research paper construction techniques and cite your references throughout your paper.

My topic: EQ Industrial Services (EQIS) Plant Explosion


6 October 2006: At approximately 10 PM, Thursday, 5 October 2006, an explosion rocked the EQ Industrial Services (EQIS) plant in Apex, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina. A subsequent fire and additional series of explosions resulted in a massive toxic cloud endangering the nearby population with a very hazardous situation and the evacuation of 17,000 nearby residents. According to media reports EQ Industrial Services handles a wide array of industrial waste, from paints to solvents, and houses chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, sulfur and fertilizer.

Please discussion of the chemicals since itas a chemistry course: cause and effects of the massive toxic cloud as a result of the fire. Chemicals involved, etc.

For comparison purpose use the following similar explosion, in particular discussion of the precursor chemicals:

A year earlier there was a similar explosion:

At approximately 9:30 PM last evening, Tuesday, 9 August 2005, an explosion rocked the EQ Resource Recovery (EQRR) plant in Romulus, Michigan, a suburb of Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan. A subsequent fire and additional series of explosions resulted in a massive toxic cloud resulting in the voluntary evacuation of residents. According to media reports EQ Resource Recovery blends fuel and recycles solvent.

Readers of this website and our HQ INTEL-ALERT Private Intelligence Report newsletter may remember that following the Romulus plantas explosion, an anonymous law enforcement source told us and we reported that the explosion and fire were designed to disguise the theft of approximately 500 gallons of Tri-acetone Tri-peroxide (TATP) precursor chemicals from the plant.
Were these events coincidental or was there something more sinister at work here?

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