Q1 and 2 Analysis of Financial Statements, Law of one PriceViolated, and Why Risk of Sec should not be evaluated in isolation

Please respond to both DQ questions separately, professional give good feedback that we all can learn from, be logical, easy to read, informational, 150 words each, please be sure to answer the question(s) thoroughly, APA format only, if it is opinion say so, if not provide where you get the facts. No Wikipedia, No End Notes, make it sound natural not book written, Make sure you answer all of the question(s) for each. Thank you.

Lecture/discussion on analysis of financial statements.

DQ1: List at least three different categories of financial information users. For each category, provide an example of the type of information they might be interested in and discuss WHY?

Lecture/discussion on the arbitrage and financial decision-making. If the Law of One Price were violated, how could investors profit? Please answer briefly then DQ2 listed below

DQ2: Explain why the risk of the security should not be evaluated in isolation