Q1Chapter 7 Video Organic Vall Family ofFarms

Based on DQ1. Chapter 7 Video Organic Valley Family of Farms Please provide 250 word paper, 2-in-text citations , 2 references , please use one reference from the book Market Management , 2010 Custom Edition ,Cengage Learning, , South Western Cengage Learning, NO Wikipedia, NO Endnotes, only scholarly references , 0% internet similarity as it will be thoroughly checked, APA format only, thorough, logical, simple easy to read and understand. Do not make it book written, more opinioned and natural speaking tone Please provide data or other material might you be able to point toward to justify this assumption. If it is opinion, you may want to state so. Please, Please fully answer all questions Please be thorough in your responses.
Be sure to use details and specifics from video in answering the questions
**Reference: MM, 2009-2010, South Western Cengage Learning

Chapter 7 Video a Organic Valley Family of Farms. Respond to the following briefly and: thoroughly

. What trends do you think have impacted the success of organic dairy farms?

o Are these trends demographic, lifestyle or cultural in nature?
o What other types of products could capitalize on these trends?
o Discuss the potential success of an organic dairy 30 years ago.
o Link is business and longtailvideo.com

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